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Sunstone offers a leading web based tracking platform with real time view, dashboards, alerts and reporting.

The Fleet Manager Platform is a complete solution for the modern fleet operator.  It provides the tools needed to effectively run a high-performing operation with efficiency, accuracy and safety, with real-time views of assets’ current position, movement, and driver info.

Real time stats and tracking for all platforms -  mobiles, tablets & PC’s.

Partnering with Sunstone will enable you to:

* Create an actionable strategy for reducing fleet operating costs.
* Reduce at-fault accidents.
* Optimize the scheduling and routing of your distribution fleet

and mobile workers.
* Automate your fleet reporting to show daily / weekly trends in:
- planned Vs actual km’s
- planned vs actual fuel consumption
- driver behavior improvement
- depot departure times

* Implement driver incentive programes.
* Reduce and quantify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

  • This future proof advanced telemetry device has additional accessory input/output      interfaces, suited for complete supply chain and logistics management applications. 

  • 4 digital input/output interfaces for monitoring and controlling external devices, such as driver ID tags, fuel monitoring, CANBus & cameras. 3 analogue inputs for cold chain monitoring through temperature sensors. 

  •  Web based tracking platform for PC, mobile and tablets.  

Tracking Products



  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduler 

  • Mobile Interface

  • Dispatch - Create job : dispatch vehicle / driver

  •  Draw & Replay Tracks

  • Points of Interest - alerts & reports

  • Area Search - event /  track history

  • Customized Reporting 

  • Powered by Google Maps


  • Save Money - reduce fuel cost / recover stolen vehicles / lower vehicles maintenance costs

  • Increase Productivity - optimise fuel usage / minimize idle time / improve customer service

  • Alert Management- high temperature / harsh driving / speeding / custom alerts

  • Reports - excessive idling / fuel consumption / time on site / custom reports

  • User Control - restrict access / limit features / hide information

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  • The All-Weather Pro is a compact water & dust resistant GPS tracker designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications, such as forklifts, motorbikes, mining & agricultural vehicles.  It has multiple I/O interfaces that can be used for monitoring or controlling external devices.

Hardware Features:

- Wide operating voltage range 8V to 32V DC
- Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery
- Quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- Embedded full featured @Track protocol
- Internal 3-axis accelerometer supporting driving behavior monitoring, power saving    and motion detection.


Asset Tracker

  • Track and monitor your fixed and mobile assets with our discreet and rugged GPS/GSM device. With internal standalone batteries, the asset tracker can be configured to report positional information for up to 1000 days without replacing the rechargeable batteries. Web based tracking platform for PC, mobile and tablets. 

Hardware Features:

- Internal rechargeable battery
- IP6 rated dust and water resistant
- Power saving motion sensor

Portable Tracker is a live tracking solution where permanent fitments are not feasible, and portability is key.

The compact powered potable tracker can be used for:
- Personnel
- Shipments
- Tracking of vehicles where permanent fitment is not required.

  • Ideally used for 3PL, outsourced fleet where the device can be placed covertly with the load or magnetically attached to a vehicle for monitoring single or multiple trips.

  • A built in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management.

Tracking Accessories 

Portable Tracker

Temperature Sensor Kit - Cold Chain Monitoring

  • Track and mange temperature sensitive cargo as well as the performance of fridge units.

  • Temperature performance violations are reported immediately via SMS and or email, enabling proactive management.

  • Detailed graphs and temperature reports are available to support your service level agreements.

  • Lower insurance premiums by reducing claims.

Driver Identification & Lockout

  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use as well as identifying and reporting on trip events by driver.

The Ibutton system, includes:
- In-dash button reader
- 2 tags
- Relay harness for Driver ID ignition lockout.

  • Up to 20 drivers can be authorized to drive a single vehicle.