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The solution provides the modern fleet manager with an actionable visibility tool, to monitor,  detect anomalies, eliminate fuel theft and ultimately drive efficiency.  

Focus Areas:
Fuel Theft - siphoning + authorized fills
Excessive Idling - saving fuel & reducing  CO2 emissions
Poor Driver Behavior - resulting in excess fuel being     consumed
Route Adherence - unauthorized stops / detours / incorrect or inefficient route

Sunstone's advanced fuel probe system provides valuable real-time data and powerful fuel analysis metrics for the modern fleet manager.

 - Reduce fuel consumption up to 18%

-  Reduce excess idling

- Measure  driver efficiency

- Theft alerts

- Fuel analytics dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Live Gauges- Ignition - On / Off- Current Speed- Fuel Volume remaining



  • Full tracking capability - know exactly where your vehicles are all the time

  • Monitor fuel usage by vehicle or fleet

  • Measure efficiency of vehicles

  • Reports - Fuel summary, Fuel Refills, Theft, Vehicle Trip, Excessive Idling

  • SMS Alerts - suspected theft / no go zones / unauthorized fills





  • Fuel Summary - Total Fleet: open / close fuel, fuel used, fuel cost, fuel fills, consumption rates

  • Fuel Refill - Amount of fuel refilled, refill location, time of refill

  • Theft - Time of theft, volume & location

  • Vehicle Trip - Per trip fuel consumed, duration of trip, trip cost

  • Excessive Idling - Duration of idling events, fuel consumed, cost of Idling location of events

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